Friday, July 25, 2008

Hopeless Me ><

Hmm .. I felt I'm pretty hopeless .. Cause after 17 years of my life, I don't know what I am good at .. >< .. Isn't it pitiful ?? Lol .. Everything I do seems to be half way through the course .. I really can't find don't know what I am good at ..

If you say I'm good at games, definetly not .. Yea .. Haha .. I have so many friends and each of everyone has a specific talent .. Let me list it down, but I won't tell out thier names .. I think you guys know yourself .. =) .. Alright 1st up, one knows how to play piano well, one knows how to write poems and stories, one is good in basketball , one knows how to play guitar well, one knows how to cook, one knows how to sing, one is good in maths and so on .. Lol .. .. The list is way 2 long .. And I'm lazy .. Lol

Man ... I really don't know what I am good at .. >< .. Can any1 of you tell me what I'm good at ?? The talent in me maybe not shine yet .. But I really want to know what I'm good am .. Cause it is bothering me .. When I see others with great talents, I am happy for them , no point envy them cause is their talent not mine .. =) .. But once you see those beside you, has talents and you yourself has no talent .. You really can feel the hopelessness in yourself .. Lol..

Haha .. I really hope that the talent in me can really shine soon cause I don't want to stay on with this miserable life .. Lol .. =)

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