Saturday, July 26, 2008

Delighted .. Lol .. ><

Something new just happened to me .. Lol .. I never did that in my years of life .. Lol .. I finally spent time talking on the phone with Vic .. Hmm .. Now I really know how it feels when you are chatting through the phone .. I can say it is totally different when your smsing or chatting through msn .. Haha .. Cause you get to hear the sweet voice .. =Þ .. Cause I remembering one of my friends, I think he don't want to be named .. Telling how his gf sound .. I was like so envy .. >< .. Haha .. But now I finally experienced it .. Hehe

I slept like 5 am in the morning cause chatted like 3 or 4 hours .. Did not take count .. Haha .. Then I woke up around 11am .. Dad drag me up just to help him out with his work .. Its kinda hectic thou + I'm so so tired .. >< .. But now at least got the momentum to do work so ain't that tired already .. =) ..

Before I started work, I told my dad I wanted to try drive his beetle .. Holy **** .. I lost touch in manual .. Was damn funny, Haha .. Is like riding a horse .. Lol .. Then I told my dad, I don't want to drive already , jokingly tell him get me an auto car pls .. Lol ..

The car is kinda run down, with the brakes and those shits ... So I feel not safe .. Lol .. If I really want to drive it to college, my dad needs to service it nicely and I have to start get use to manual car .. Maybe I can try learning cause is like 3 weeks till college starts .. >< .. Haha .. Cause like I said everything is worth trying .. =) ..

Better get back to work .. =) .. Haha

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