Saturday, August 2, 2008

One Aim .. =)

I have not been playing DOTA lately , cause am really busy with my dad's work .. The workload is termendously high .. Everyday stay up late to do his work, at least 2 or 3 am .. Haha .. But then luckily got Vic accompany me .. Thanks ya .. =) .. Love you .. Hehe ..

Alright back to the point, right now am resting for awhile for DOTA .. Wait till Justin and Ho finish their exams then I'm back .. I want to at least qualify for SMM DOTA state level , is not going to be easy but then if we really try hard we can go for it .. Currently our skills are kinda sucky, not that organised and lack of training .. I think we really need to work a lot in training cause teamwork and timing is the most curcial thing in DOTA ..

My aim is to play the fullest for this last competition .. No matter what the outcome is .. After that I want to retire from the gaming world .. Of cause I will still play for fun but then won't go serious for competitions .. I have been playing DOTA since form 2 if I'm not mistaken .. Theng was the one who taught me how to play, bullying me and makes me learn from mistakes .. From noob to pro (not that pro ) n till now at least I'm slightly better then him .. Hehe .. Of cause I miss the days that I played DOTA, screwing people or get screwed .. Lol .. Those are the days and I will always remember them .. Haha ..

I wanted to leave the gaming world because I want to focus more on my studies and Vic of cause .. Hehe .. I want to score better grades for the next 2 upcoming semesters to apply for scholarship .. I really need the scholarship because for now parents can't really send me to overseas and actually my dream is to go Australia to study .. =) .. Even it is a partial scholarship , it still help to ease the burden of my family , of cause I hope I can get full scholarship .. =) .. Once we hope we really have to go for it, sit back and hoping will not make things work .. =) ..

Of cause I can't be studying at all times, this will make me go nuts .. Things need to be balance .. Haha .. Sometimes need to go out with friends and of cause must go with Vic .. Hehe .. So basically, for now my life is all about Vic and she's the one that motivates me .. So yeah .. Haha .. Thats all for now .. =)

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