Monday, August 4, 2008

1st time .. =)

Woke up by my dad today around 8.30am .. Was kinda tired cause slept around 2am .. He told me to send him to bank and then send him to work .. So basically wash up and then do as what he told .. So I drove all the way to the bank in KL and waited for him to finish his stuff .. After that, the told me that he wanted to drive to work cause is faster .. So I took the opportunity to take a nap in the car ..

So after reaching his office, I was all alone .. Haha .. So I decided to give Vic a surprise but then it was still early .. Decided to hang out in AC and managed to call Ho for a drink .. After drinking we went to cyber cafe for 2 games and then ciao .. Then I went to Vic's house, is not as hard as I thought .. Hehe .. Surprised her a little only, chat for awhile and then went back .. >< .. Was supposed to ask her out for lunch but she had lunch with her parents already ..

After that I'm kinda lost because I wasn't familiar how to go back to KL .. I kept following the sign board and saw the sign board heading to KL, then went to the highway .. Damn I knew I was on the wrong route but then continue driving till I reach home .. Took a nap and then go for dentist appointment .. =) .. Luckily the dentist told me that I don't need any extraction of tooth .. Phew .. =)

So basically driving alone is better and I really like the feeling, for 7 months finnally I'm not babysitted .. Hehe .. Cheers .. =)

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