Saturday, August 9, 2008


I - Inspirational
E - Electrifying
N - Need them most of the time
D - Distinct

Basically I just want to show my appreciation towards all my friends that I have made and known them, range from 1 week to 10 years .. =) .. Time doesn't matter actually, is the bond that matters .. Even if you made a friend for like few hours, if both of you can really bond it actually can overcome the bond between you and your friend that u made 10 years ago .. Haha .. =)

17 years of my life, I have made quite a number of friends, both good and bad friends .. I learn a lot from them of cause good and bad .. But then the bad things are always overcome by the good things, cause I choose to learn good things .. Hehe .. Things that I learn from them, are the mistakes they make, the things they do , their achievements and so on .. All I can say is they are lessons in my life ..

Actually they are a lot of things that I have not learn from them cause is the time that is so short .. 10 years also I can understand my friends well .. So actually is better to get to know someone more before you go into one step further as in friend then best friend then couple or something like that .. Cause is not easy to get a best friend, best friends can say they are half of you, they know they way you think, they understand you and a lot lot lot more which I am lazy 2 list it down .. So sorry >< .. Haha The group of friends that I really like and appreciate most is my secondary friends .. 5 years down the road, we went through rough and smooth, even fought with each other , screwing each other, calling names .. Lol .. There is a lot more .. Haha .. But seriously without them I won't be here today as Joe Lee Jun Lin .. or better known as JL back in secondary .. Haha .. This group of friends really make the hell out of me, having loads of fun with them .. Doing a lot of crazy stuffs, pushing faults to one another .. Lol .. Loads and loads of them .. Crazy friends .. Wootz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is something that I will keep that in mind always even though we had separated cause of our own dreams and desires .. This memories will always be with me till the day I die .. =) .. And really sorry cause I think we seldom take photos, and it sure sounds gay if we take photos rite ?? Haha .. But one day we surely will have the chance to take pictures .. =) ..

There is a chinese proverb 路遥知马力,日久见人心 saying that if you know a person for a long period of time, actually you can understand well .. Now I really get it .. =) .. Cause I just know this group of college friends for 3 months, I thought I understand them well but actually not .. Haha .. =) .. We still have a long way 2 know each other cause there is another 2 sems .. which is 9 months .. =) .. Although most of them will be separated for the next sem, the chances are still there to know them even more cause the technology nowdays are very advance .. Haha .. So nothing is impossible, is in our mindset , whether we want to do it or not .. =) ..

All I can say is friends are the greatest person in our lives, you can live or can't live without them .. So is time to appreciate our friends out there, talk to them more often, know what they are doing , don't wait till you loose them and regret about it , and not forgetting to keep in touch at all times .. =) .. Cheers to all my friends out there, I maybe not contacting you guys but then you guys are always in deep down in my heart .. =) ..

Actually I wanted to write more but then I've work to do for my dad and his leaving for Manila this sunday ,(tomorrow) .. Wootz!!!! 1 week without my parents .. hehe ...

And before I end I add in two video clip .. Dedicate this to all my friends out there .. =) .. Love you guys and gals !!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) ..

p/s (Mostly Guys .. Lol .. Guy school remember ?? Hehe .. )



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