Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Myer-Briggs Personality Test

Today I finally knew what I am , I am a "Doer" through this test .. Its kinda accurate and precise .. Hope you guys can go check it out yourself cause its really interesting .. Haha .. Don't worry I will help you guys out .. Go find out yourself , what you are !!!!

For every statement choose an alphabet base on the details that I write it down , than remember your alphabet and please follow the order. Please be honest to yourself and choose the best that suits yourself

1)Where is your energy naturally directed ? E/I
Extroverts often :

  • Have high energy
  • talk a lot
  • think out loud
  • like to be around people a lot
  • are easily distracted
Introverts often :
  • have quite energy
  • talk less
  • think before they act
  • are comfortable spending time alone
  • have good concentration
2)Information you naturally notice and remember : S/N
Sensors often :
  • admire practicality
  • focus on the facts & specifics
  • have straightforward speech
  • are more realistic- see what is
  • are more present-oriented
Intuitives often :
  • admire creativity
  • focus on ideas & the big picture
  • have roundabout thoughts
  • are more imaginative - see possibilities
  • are more future oriented
3)How do you decide or come to conclusions ? T/F
Thinkers often :
  • are cool & reservered
  • are objective
  • are honest & direct
  • are naturally critical
  • are motivated by achievement
Feelers often :
  • are warm and friendly
  • get their feelings hurt easily
  • are sensitive & diplomatic
  • try hard to please others
  • are motivated by being appreciated
4)What environment makes you most comfortable? J/P
Judgers often :
  • are serious & formal
  • are time-conscious
  • like to make plans
  • work first , play later
  • like to finish projects best
Perceivers often :
  • are playful & casual
  • are unaware of time or late
  • like to wait-and-see
  • play first , work later
  • like to start projects best
Okay now for example ur an ESTP , remember your alphabets now go to this site
I really hope you guys can take this test here cause this test cost $100 U.S Dollar . At least you guys know your own personality and your not unknown to yourself , you don't need to tell what your personality is .. After doing this test and you think its accurate please pass on to your friends and hope this test can be tested by everyone . Cheers and Good Luck people and hope its very accurate .. For those of you who like to share with people about your personality , go ahead share with your friends and families as well as tell them about this test .. Good Luck and Have Fun ... Not to forget you can check for other details such as your love life , career and others , browse through the link and know all about yourself .. =)

Note : I type out all the details from my lecture notes and make a little effort here , hope you guys can appreciate it .. Hehe .. =Þ

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