Thursday, April 24, 2008

Comp Crash =) or =(

My com crash already due to some stupid virus .. I'm not sure where the virus come from , maybe its a very old virus that start to infect yesterday .. My mum's income tax thingy have to be stopped cause all the files are in the com .. Lol .. Maybe its good news thou cause can refrain me from DoTa .. Haha .. Bad news can't chat .. ><" ..

What I learnt yesterday was people have to be commited when you're doing something cause its very very pitiful if we are not commited .. Lol .. Commited in many many ways of cause and everything we want , we need to sacrifice .. Its just like opportunity cost , lol .. We just can't want everything in this world .. Nowdays after attending economics class , I learnt more and more thou cause its very very related to our life .. Haha .. I think I'm so into my course cause most of the subjects is related to life , like human communication and economics ..

But still missing out that special one in life .. Lol .. With or without it doesn't matter but if possible if there is someone will be superb .. Who doesn't want rite ?? Haha .. You can't be single forever ..

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