Monday, April 7, 2008

1st day in College

Woke up 5.30am in the morning , get ready for college .. Mum sent me 2 sk's house and she drove me all the way to taylors .. Reach there around 7.00am .. Was very very early and my orientation starts at 9.00am ..

I went to the college around 8.00am , so many seniors there , got pretty ones but no hot ones !!! Lol .. Read the newspaper till 8.30am till the enrollment counselor call me to enter the lecture hall .. Waited till 9.00 am saw yx n her friend , at least got 1 friend that i know which is in the same college , kinda happy though .. Than here comes the boring part , which they keep repeating in telling the course structure and stuff .. Haih business foundation no hot chicks 1 !!! Not like other college .. Haha ... Than 10am the test started , fill in the blanks , correct sentences by replacing words , adding or deleting .. This test will determine which class I go ..

After that meet up with ho , lai n just .. Meet mao , sandbag n ee shan (yesh i found out dy Justin .. =P) .. Man sandbag was freaking funny !!! lol .. Lets not talk about him .. Haha ..
Other than these people , I also met some of my primary skool mates , really nice 2 meet them after 6 years apart from them .. Than is pool time , was kinda amused by them cause they are so good and only 3 months training .. From M game to a favorite sport , as stated by Justin .. lol .. Those guys skip class and played pool till 1pm than they left .. Play one last round with mao than his turn to ciao , so i decided to go the cc and play while waiting for sk to send me home ..

Came home around 5pm was damn tired , online for awhile n dota 2 rounds than take a nap till 9.30pm .. My mum jus came back and cook mee for dinner ... Haha