Wednesday, April 9, 2008

2nd Day In College

Man today was bored .. class started at 11.30 but end at 12 .. The whole class was stone .. Lol .. Than went to bookstore to take a look at the books and the price as well .. The books are not cheap so decided to get photostated version and it looks so real .. Wtf .. Nowdays the technology is so cool ..

Today's economics class was nice , kinda interesting cause I'm learning something brand new and for the pass 2 years I'm in science stream .. But I hate my time table , very weird and I have to take go back on myself .. Haih .. Sianz ... Why can't they manage the time table the worse part is LAN .. 3pm-6pm every Friday ... Really study lan a , so late sumore is malaysia studies , encourage us to sleep meh .. Lol ..

Its been a tiring day cause of taking bus than ktm than lrt than mum pick up ... Some more its raining heavily .. Arghhh .. This is killing me but I still have to go on .. Just assume its another tough training for me .. Bahhss !!!!

Worst day coming up , Friday .. Class starts at 10am till 11.30 , than 2nd class is 3pm-6pm .. Wahlao look at the time interval , bang balls meh ?? I think I can take a nap at soh's place at least can rest .. Hope this week ends as soon as possible !!!!!

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