Monday, September 1, 2008

Legally 18 .. Roxxor

Finally 18 .. Haha .. Had a great great great celebration, although is a small one .. =) .. Can't really describe the feelings, but I'm really happy to celebrate my 18th Birthday .. First and foremost would like to apologize to those that I did not invite .. Next I would like to thank for those that came cause you guys really gave me a good day thou is 18 .. Haha ..

Next is their gifts, nice nice gifts, especially the one I appreciate and like it most is from Vic .. She get the wishes from all my college mates, guess she took a lot of time doing it .. Thanks so much girl .. Really love you and the others so much .. =) .. And not forgetting gifts from Justin, Ee Shan and Ho , Kwong Lim and Thong Leong, Suang Fu and Chee Kien .. The last but not least gifts from Kevin, Wai Sheng and Theng , something really useful in the future .. Lol .. Thanks thanks so much .. =Þ

And not forgetting those wishes from friends that I know .. =) .. Thanks guys and gals at least you all did not forget my birthday .. Although is just wishes but is still meaningful and you people do mean it .. =) ..

Actually took a lot of photos, but I have problem uploading as my com is crashing soon .. I'm quite worried with the photos now, don't want to loose them cause is way precious .. >< .. I will try to upload the photos a.s.a.p ..

Thats all for now am going to bed now .. Though tired but really had much fun .. Thanks again you guys and Vic(The only girl that present, am proud of her and appreciate her very much .. )

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