Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Is It Obvious ??

Today, she caught hold me and ask what was troubling me that make me can't concentrate doing my work ?? I was in a state of shock for that moment, really dumb fond .. She knows the reason and ask whether I want to talk it out to her but I just nodded and smile .. I was about to cry but managed to hold back ..

I am not sure whether to talk to her about it cause I don't want to involve others and want to try to solve things by myself .. I think is always best to solve things out ourselves, now I know why some people like to solve their problems themselves .. Truly understands some people out there .. =) ..

Now the thing is how long would I take to settle it down, cause the longer it takes, the worse things will be .. I'm kinda confused day by day, every single second thinking about it .. >< .. Why am I in this predicament ?? Just hope someday I will be back to the Joe that she wants to see me in .. All I can say is thanks to her, for being able to see what I'm going through .. She's damn freaking pro in all these things , I don't know how but she is darn good .. =) .. Somehow she knows every1 of us .. =) ..

Who is she ?? Will keep it a secret .. =) .. Definitely not my mum .. Haha .. That's all for today, just to inform is not an emo post .. =) .. I choose not to be emo and able to control my feelings .. =)

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