Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pissed Off

Man .. I just reached home after finishing class at 5.30 .. Stayed at college till 6.00 cause its raining heavily .. After that went to the bus stop and waited till 7.30 till the damn bus arrived and it took around 1 hour 15mins till I reached KJ .. Fucked up rumors that cause the city jam like hell .. Screw those people that simply spread the damn petrol price thingy ..

I reached my mum office around 8.40 than i took so long till I reached home .. Was kinda pissed off today cause the total hours that I waited and traveled is way 2 long .. But at least is over , anyways mum mum's car petrol still left 1/4 and I'm not sure whether we can get petrol tomorrow .. Haha ..

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