Saturday, June 21, 2008

CKS Gathering 2008 and MR's Birthday Party

It's been 6 years since I met my primary school friends, one of them plan to gather .. So today I went to Pavilion to meet up with them .. As usual , I will be always the earliest and have to wait till everyone arrive .. Not all those that are invited turn up , given reasons that they are busy and doing some stuff ..

It's really nice to meet them , from ugly ducklings to swans , short to tall and some didn't even change .. This what we call as puberty .. Lol .. It's really shocking and felt rather regretted cause when I was young and naive did some stuff that left them bad impressions and now it's really hard to know them better .. Lol .. Have a nice chat with them but not all of them , cause most of them are from other classes and busy chatting among themselves .. The organizer decided to go to TGI's Friday to have branch .. The food there was nice and has a big portion .. It's my first time in TGI , found the atmosphere is nice there .. =) ..
After branch we took some pictures but will upload it some other day ..

Hmm , with all the chats and pictures I think is a really good gathering but I found it rather disappointing and I don't really want to talk about it cause it's all over and no point talking about it .. I need to leave it a side cause now I really have to get on with my 2 presentations and journal .. I don't sad and disappointing stuffs to hold me back from what I'm doing ..

This is why I don't really like to go out , sometimes is like wasting time and money doing something not worth doing , unless I really have a good time like I used to go out with my bunch of friends .. Now I know why communication is so important like what I learn from Human Communication ..

After that ,I went to Min Ray's birthday party .. It was a very cool party , cause we get to flour and egg him .. Haha .. Actually me, Jus , CK , Theng and TL wanted to go to Tbun for dota and watch football after that .. But I have to go home cause my dad's back from Philippines and I don't want to create more conflict .. Kinda disappointed my mates , but I just can do anything .. Took LRT from cempaka till titiwangsa and TL's mother send me back home ..

I have to start work now .. Thanks Guys & Girls .. =) .. We shall meet some other day !!!!!

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Im JuSt cCc said...

from ugly ducklings to swans , short to tall and some didn't even change ..
who are u talking? xD