Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Today went to college early , took indon mee goreng .. Haha .. After that went to computer lab to make a few changes of my assignments than handed it up to my lecturer.. When she's in class she call us to count the number of words , with some thing important .. I have to fake the number of words as I did not reach the minimum number of words for the assignment.. Nevertheless I still passed it up now I'm so relieved ..

Play DoTa , with Theng and Justin .. Still can't stop Dota .. Haha .. We are so good that we pawned .. =) .. Forming a new team now but lack of 1 more team mate .. =) ..

Just now took dinner with SK , treat her as I promised as a birthday gift .. Than I met Denise, yeah she's back from Terengganu with a gold medal , I congratulated her .. I also invited her to join us for dinner but she's having dinner with her parents .. I still owe her treat as well .. Lol .. Haha .. For her achievement of cause .. =)

Hmmm .. Lots of work to be done later on , I've not plan to start it .. Don't know why seems to be lost or something .. =) .. Haha .. Economics is getting nicer , I seems to be interested in it .. I don't know why , or it is because of another person that has the same interest in the same subject .. Hehe .. =) .. I'm kinda happy nowadays , I just don't know why .. =) ..

OK .. Thats all for now .. =)

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