Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday .. =)

A big shout out Thanks to all those that wished me Happy Birthday .. Really appreciated your wishes .. =D .. Well I'm really happy for this year's birthday, even though I did not organise any party this year .. I guess this year it's not that happening .. =) .. But still it was a good birthday thou .. =D ..

Well I recall the past I used to go cc and game it all out during eve of merdeka then head home for party and all .. But this year it's all plain .. =D .. But I had lunch with my uncle and his family and my mum .. This is the first time I had lunch at TGIF, the food there was quite filling and the best part is the birthday wishes from them .. =) .. Well it was kinda cool, when they have their birthday song and their birthday chant for their customer .. Haha .. =D .. We went to TGIF in Wangsa Walk - new mall near my house .. =D .. Wangsa Walk is pretty small but I hope it's going to be happening and it will be a good palce to hang out .. =) ..

Well after lunch went back home and get some rest .. =D .. Then had dinner with my kai jie and mum .. Dinner was good as well .. So this was my birthday for this year .. Slow pace and steady but all good .. =D .. Maybe it is because had too much fun in penang so not really in the mood to make it a blast for my birthday .. =D ..

I need to get back to my studies .. It's a good start I suppose .. I'm 19 now .. A year older, got to be more matured now .. Hell Yeah .. Alright that's all for now .. Ciaoz .. =D ..

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