Sunday, August 30, 2009

Penang .. =D ..

Heyz .. I'm back from Penang .. Had loads of fun in Penang .. =D .. I will upload the pictures pretty soon once i get the pictures from Kev .. =) ..

Well the trip to Penang was pretty fast .. We were gambling playing cards all the way till Penang from Pudu Bus Station .. Roflmao .. Haha .. It's been awhile since I last went to Penang, and it's completly different I suppose .. xD .. The funny thing is the moment we enter Penang Island, it started to rain .. The rain never stopped even when we left Penang .. I think Penang hates us .. Lol ..

The food in Penang is not as good we thought .. Maybe the good food in Penang is hidden .. Lol .. Indeed we need a penangnite to guide us around if we crave for good food .. =D .. But still I like the fried oyster from one of the shops in penang .. =D ..

Basically what we did in Penang was food, gamble & drink .. The only places that we visited in Penang was Kek Lok Si (pretty famous temple), gurney drive and batu feringgi .. These are the only places as the rain was pretty heavy and damn potong .. Lol .. We also had some issues in renting a car which delayed us from visiting around Penang ..

Hmm .. Pretty tired for now .. I guess I should just sleep .. Pretty lazy to update .. So till then .. =D .. Buh Bye ..

p/s : Did some changes .. =D ..

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