Monday, August 3, 2009

August .. =D

This is the month where I set everything .. My virtual timetable is out, goals have been set, targets are to be achieved and it starts today !! =D .. University life is pretty tough now, loads of homework, assignments & test !!!!

I really want to score an average of 90 if possible, by all means I suppose .. Just have to be really discipline in order to achieve what I want .. =D .. The reason is I really want to go to RMIT to do my remaining two years there .. Cause I think the lecturers in Melbourne itself is better than what I have here in Malaysia .. Cause the lecturers here are okay okay - close to suxxor .. xD .. and that's not only the reason I want to go over to Melbourne, is some sort of my dream to go overseas to study, so the sooner i go there the better .. =D ..

The condition to get my ass over there is to convince my parents that I'm eligible to go there .. I need to do really excellent for my 1st year to prove to them that I'm capable .. So I guess I have to do more than just typing out it here .. So yeah, from now is revision, revision & revision .. All I can say is less online and more to studies .. I'm slowly retiring from dota i suppose, it's pretty boring when my mates are not there to play with me .. So I think it's a good sign and a good start to get me focus on my studies .. =D ..

Well I guess, I should be signing off for now .. Just need to get sufficient sleep to stay alert in classes .. My leg is getting better I suppose, but my mum still insist that I use one crutch to go to classes .. Just hope I have to use till the end of this week, cause next week there's something nice going to happen !!! Woots .. =D .. Alright .. Nights people .. =D ..

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