Thursday, July 2, 2009

H1N1 ??

Finally I'm done working .. Was pretty happy cause I finally get to have my holidays for real .. Hehe .. Managed to rest and was glad cause I have time for myself .. So I went to college to settle my application and all .. However, was having bad flu, headache and soar throat yesterday .. My head was burning hot and couldn't barely walk .. I thought I was infected with H1N1, was wondering whether I got it from LCCT where I sent my good mate off last Saturday ..

I set my mindset and told myself that it couldn't be H1N1, but things came worst and I have to cancel today's plans .. Was praying hard that I am not infected cause I still have things to do before someone is leaving .. *winks* .. So I went to see the doctor, and was glad that he told me it was just a minor virus attack .. Awwh, thank god I'm H1N1 free .. Haha .. Took some medicine and I'm fit as a fiddle .. Wee .. Haha ..

So went to Phileo to pick up my second pay cheque .. Wee .. Haha .. Met up with my boss and chatted with him .. So my boss was asking whether anyone that is good in both mandarine and chinese looking for a job ?? So yeah .. Anyone interested in tele-marketting and you're having holidays right now .. Please come forward and tell me .. Well let me tell you honestly, that tele-marketting it's a pretty easy job, what you need to do is that you must have good communication skills .. It can be boring at times, cause you'll be facing the same situations but different types of customers .. You'll like the job eventually cause it's full of ups and downs, cause you'll expect different types of calls from day to day .. Well one incident is that, one of the customers from Cameron Highlands, like the services that we offered to them, came all the way down to Shell Superkad and gave us strawberries, tea and all .. Pretty cool huh ?? xD .. So think about it if you're interested .. xD

Well this is my first job and this is the place where I learn a lot .. The colleagues around me there are good but some are okay .. Haha .. The thing is good about working is that you can gain a lot of experience, open your eyes wide and learn to do the things you should do and should not do .. The another thing is about peer pressure .. This is very important cause if you are a person that it's easy to be influence you'll end up with the bad stuff, like smoking and all .. =D .. Well for me, it's pretty hard to convince me to do something that I don't like doing .. It all comes to oneself when it comes to everything that we do .. =_) .. We choose to do or not to do .. =/ ..

So I have another 19 days left till I start my university .. I just can't wait till Uni starts .. =_) .. Previously it seems that a lot of people is heading to Curtin to pursue their degree, but as far as I'm concerned now loads of people or joining RMIT doing Economics & Finance .. I wonder why ?? =/ .. But still that I'm happy cause the same old gang would be there again, but don't think any new comers would be joining us .. Pfft .. >< .. =/ ..

Hmm .. I think I shall stop here .. Will continue some other day ..

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