Monday, July 20, 2009

Great News .. =D

Orientation was pretty good today .. After orientation, there are classes to be attended .. Was pretty hectic cause was not prepared for it .. The hours of lectures on Monday is pretty long, lectures were okay okay only but still I have to study and set my targets to achieve what I always wanted all this while .. =D ..

Overall this semester's time table is pretty good, just have to suffer on Mon & Tuesday and a free day on Wednesday .. Pretty balance I should say .. Haha .. Thursday and Friday just a really short time and I have time to chill during the weekends .. So it's time to set my own timetable as well, set it and do it for real .. =D .. 90 for every subjects ?? I hope I can do so .. =D ..

I've got a new baby cousin by the name of Neil .. Haha .. Uncle named him after Neil cause this was the date 40 years ago where Neil Armstrong land his feet on the moon .. According to my uncle, a lot of babies are born today in the hospital itself .. Everyone was waiting for this date to conceive .. Funny huh ??

Man United scored 2 - 0 against .. Awesome .. Tomorrow am wearing the new MU kit .. Hehe .. =D .. Alright time to sleep .. Tomorrow is another hectic day .. 8 - 3 .. With only an hour break in between .. =/ .. Hope I'm able to hang on .. Ciaoz .. =D ..

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