Thursday, May 28, 2009

Words of Wisdom .. xÞ

Hey hey .. Finally got the energy to blog about something I wanted to blog about few days back .. Was feeling superbly tired these days .. Haha .. Oh well, Manchester United lost in Rome but they still did great this season .. Glory Glory Man Utd .. xD

Okay back to the point, so I heard some words of wisdom from my colleagues, it seems pretty useful so I shall share it with you all .. Some may have heard of it or maybe something close to it, but just hope it will brighten up your day and your life later on .. =_)

Story 1
Long time ago there's a person name Confucius which people respected him a lot as they state that he has a lot of patience and a person with full of wisdom. So one day, a person name X which is a cocky guy wants to challenge Confucius's patience, so he went up and meet with Confucius and start calling him names, cursing with all the bad words and all .. Confucius was calm and was smiling at X .. X was so frustrated that he ask why Confucius was able to bare with the words that he had uttered to him .. Confucius told him that : If a person is giving you a gift, but you don't accept it, the gift belongs to who ??

The moral of the story is if you are saying something bad to a person, if the person ignores everything bad that you said to them, eventually those words are bounce back to you. So at times we are teasing and cursing someone else, if the person ignores it, all the teasing and cursing eventually refer to you .. So think twice next time before you curse or tease someone ..

Story 2

A father and his son when hiking in the mountains, while they were hiking the son fell down into a cliff .. He was panic so he started shouting, and he heard an echo .. He was still young and did not know where the sound came from .. He shouted where are you dad ?? and the echo responded where are you dad ?? He was scared that he shouted who are you !! & the echo came again .. This time the father heard his son, so he went down to the cliff and safe his son .. The father explained to his son that the sound is actually he's echo .. What the father did was actually he shouted I'm a champion and then there's an echo .. The son was amaze .. So the father told his son that what is said to people, one day it will come back to us ..

The moral of the story is that whatever things we do in live, somehow or rather it would reflect it back to us .. What you give, is what you get .. Most of the time if we do good to others, eventually we will be blessed back with good deeds .. This implies to the bad things that we do to others, it will come back to us either equal the amount or maybe even worse .. So life is pretty simple, we as humans tends to twist and turn things around and make life complicated .. Why people say their life sucks when they are not physically or mentally impaired .. So if life sucks for these people,those that are physically or mentally impaired are more suck than them ?? Remember that life is always fair, our mind is train to believe that the grass at the other side is always greener .. It's time to change this stupid perception, we should actually appreciate what we have for now .. Don't whine or fuck yourself because of some minor stupid fuck up reason, and saying that life is not fair .. Think about it ?? Do you still disagree that life is fair ??

Story 3

A teacher was teaching math in class .. She talk to John and ask John if she gave John an apple,an apple and an apple .. How many apples does John has .. John replied I have 4 apples .. The teacher thought that John was playing around and ask John the same question, but the answer is still 4 apples .. So the teacher thought John dislike apples so she change the question into this .. What if I gave you an orange, an orange and an orange, how many oranges do you have ?? John replied 3 .. This time the teacher was so surprised and ask why John can answer this question .. John explained to that teacher if she gave him an apple,an apple and an apple, he will have 4 apples because John has an apple is his bag ..

The moral of the story is that the teacher jumps into conclusion too fast stating that John dislike apples .. This implies to all of us .. We often jump into conclusions and make assumptions .. Assume is making an ASS out of U & ME .. Yeah, don't deny it .. We often think that we are right, and saying it out loud as thou we are damn right about what is going on and so on .. But have we ever find out the truth behind things that happen .. We often see things that appear in front of us, what about the reasons behind things that happen and we often make decision base on what we think is right .. At time we can be right but again we can be wrong as well .. So what I'm trying to emphasize here is that, is best not to jump into conclusions once we see something that gives a impression to us .. It is very unreasonable for us to judge someone by it's cover and seriously, we need to be aware that everything is a whole .. Not just things that we assume that we are correct .. I can't deny that I've assume and jump into conclusion at times .. At least I'm aware of the mistakes that I've done in the pass 18 years of my life .. Just hope we can really change these negative mindset of ourselves .. It always start from ourselves before we try to change others .. xD

Cheers .. I'm getting tired now, eyes are shutting soon .. Hmm .. Oh well .. Just hope I get my pay check !! Toodles !!

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