Monday, April 27, 2009

He's just not into you .. =/

Went and watch He's just not that into you with Whitey, Joe Keen, CK n Justin last Friday .. Yeah basically it's a really nice movie .. It show's how jerk a guy can be .. Haha .. It also shows that why people choose to beat around the bush, instead of telling out the truth .. Yeah it's true, sometimes the truth hurts, but isn't it better if we know the truth earlier, rather than hiding ourselves in the shell forever .. Even if it hurts for once, it's still better than you're hurt throughout your life .. I don't know for me I prefer people to be honest and straight forward to me, no matter how much it hurts, how much pain is it in the ass .. =_) ..

What I would like to emphasize is sometimes it's really hard to know whether they're really into you .. They might seem to be into you, but actually they're not or the other way round .. Yeah, it's really hard to determine unless we truly understand the other party .. But it seems impossible cause we all like to hide our feelings, shove them aside .. We all do these for reasons, each and different people have their own reasons .. We make our lives miserable by thinking whether others are thinking of us .. Don't have to deny, everyone does that, it's just that how often we do that only .. It's sometimes hard to avoid this, especially when it comes to love which is a little simple thing but we made it so complicated ..

It's not a bad thing if we are thinking of what others are thinking of us, but we couldn't do much if he or she were to think that specific way about us .. Take for example, if you were to like this guy/girl and kept thinking whether he/she feels the same way towards you .. Wouldn't it be a predicament to you, you'll be like thinking 24/7 and neglect things that you're supposed to do ..
Unless it's a mutual feeling, that would be good of cause .. Haha .. What I'm trying to say here is if that even if we damn like this girl/guy, if she doesn't want to couple with you even how good you treat him/her .. Everyone has their reasons and it's totally their choice, we wouldn't want to force people and end up hurting both parties .. But they wouldn't tell the reasons out as they were afraid to hurt us .. It all ends with huring one another .. Lol .. So think twice if you were to fantasize or kept thinking what the other party is thinking about you .. =_) ..

If they were to appreciate it, it's like a very good satisfaction .. Seriously, the feeling of being appreciated is can't be describable, either in form of words or action .. But on the other hand, if everything you did, was as though the wind blowing across your hair, the feelings hurt a lot .. Things wouldn't always happen as the way we wish, we could only adapt in situations and live with it ..

So was thinking whether will they create a show title She's just not that into you .. Really ought to know how girls reject guys they are not into .. Lol .. That's all I guess, some kind of random thoughts pop up from my semi-bursting head .. I guess I better take some rest, my head's going to blow really soon .. Ciaoz ..

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