Saturday, December 15, 2007

Th3 sTon3 Has b33n Drop3D !!!!

After years of holding the stone nxt to my heart , thanks 2 my bro Kevin it has been lunged into the sea !!! 3vryting is clear now , 3vryting is over , 3vryting is fine , 3vryting is OK !! Thanks Kevin .. Watever u hav don3 is the passed , no point goin back 2 the pass n we can't change the pass .. Fr3nz for Lif3 ya ?? At least I was told wat was goin on bfor tis .. Is a sign of relieved .. Wohooo !!! Anyways gud luck in ur lif3 and may God bl33 u always .. The gap between us is getting closer compare to last time .. Lif3 must go on b3caus3 the world out ther is 2 huge and waiting for us 2 do sumting wit it .. When sumting is nt urs is OK no point fight for it , we must know tat sumting is waiting for us 2 grab it n make full use of it .. No point spending time , money , energy n stuff obtaining sumting nt urs .. We don't go against the tide , we flow wit the tide !! Which means jus do tings the way it shud b .. When the opportunity is ther , it will be ther waiting for u 2 grab hold on it but than sumtimes we jus can't wait for opportunity 2 come 2 us , we hav 2 put a little more effort when doin sumting !!! 90% effort 10% luck !!! I can't really describe my feelings rite now but I'm very glad tat Th3 sTon3 Has b33n Drop3D !!!! Once again thanks bro , Kevin !!!

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