Thursday, December 6, 2007

1st day of my blog

Dec 6 2007
Wat a day 2 start my blog .. It was Bryan's birthday .. He invited alot of frens .. I wasn't aware tat it was his birthday until Kiang mention it >< .. Haha .. Me n Chiu decide 2 go 2 play pool 2 spend our time ther .. The noob lady ther did not allow us 2 play cause we are wearing 3 quater pants .. WTF .. So decided 2 go CC !!!!! The worst ting was i went all the way 2 Sunway n go to cybercafe .. Look how noob am I >< .. I tought i could meet her up 2day but couldn't make it >< .. No mood dy .. Than after CC n went 2 pizza hut for dinner i guess >< ... Haha .. When goin back home tat time even worse .. Thought mao could send me back but his car was full n every1 else has their transport to go home .. So decided 2 take taxi but i caught up wit a bus .. But amazingly i was faster than mao !!!! Lol .. a bus !! Haha ...

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