Tuesday, December 11, 2007

3v3rting is Don3

Woke up 700 in the morning , get rdy and wash up goin for medical check up .. Left the house around 800 than drop my dad off at the lrt station and went 2 Klinik Kesihatan Setapak .. reach ther around 830 .. Ther are so many people waiting ther , all kinds of races but M's are working .. Tats the point why people hav 2 wait very long .. Went ther 2 register and wait for my turn .. Finish the medical check up around 930 .. Amazingly was fast , I tought it will take ages 2 complete tis medical check up >< .. After tat go for breakfast at the market near by .. Nxt go back home and wash up again 2 clear of those bacteria and germs tat I "absorbed" from the clinic .. Around 11 sumting go down to Sri Rampai to take photos for P licence than head straight 2 dentist for scaling .. Reached home around 230 , than here it goes start DoTa !!! Lol .. Manage 2 play 2 games only than every1 went missing .. I decided 2 play so PC Game .. Hitman 2 !!!! Woohooo .. Nice game but finish it fast .. Haha .. Around 4pm lik tat i took my meal .. I duno wat 2 name it .. Its nt my lunch n is nt my tea n nt my dinner lol >< .. After tat DoTa till 6pm than go for soccer till 7pm .. Nxt go for shower n continue DoTa !! >< .. I'm now troubled wit wat 2 wear on nxt Monday's prom .. But thanks 2 Denise n Kevin for sum tips , I hav sum ideas .. Kinda stoned now , I planned nt 2 buy tux n suite .. Jus checking out at my bro's closet .. >< .. Help me !!! .. The worst ting of all is 2molo from 8am-7pm blackout in wangsa maju area !!!! Fark the M's n Tenaga , giving farking services 2 the people when we pay our bills on time !!!

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