Wednesday, October 1, 2008

aR3 yOu r3aDy ??

A post that I promised earlier .. =D ..

Are you ready ?? Ready for what ?? Something important to everyone of us in this age .. =D .. Are you guys and girls really ready for a relationship?? That's the question .. =D ..

Actually what are the criteria for a relationship ?? Actually there are no specific criteria, what is most important in a relationship is believing and trusting one another .. Some tends to start a relationship cause of the money, some believes that their partners can complete the half of them, some just get together for the sake of being together .. But that's not the point of what I'm trying to say ..

At this age could you really give what your loved ones ?? How much can you spend on your loved ones or you could say how much has been spent throughout the relationship ?? Is not about the money that matters, is the love that you can offer towards your loved ones .. Yes, sometimes you see couples being very loving, truly and honestly good for them .. But can those counted as love ?? And can couples continue loving each other till they really get married ?? Yea some may succeed but not everyone of us can really afford for relationships till we get our 1st pot of gold .. At that time I think we can really afford and give whatever to our loved ones .. Think about it .. =D .. That is the time when we really can show the love and care towards them .. =D

Take for example, at this age we're being paid for allowance .. We can do whatever with it since is our allowance but still there is always a limit .. Sometimes is still not enough to go for dates, outings and stuffs .. We can work hard for it to achieve them, like I said is not about the money, is the affection towards others that matters .. =D .. What if that very fine day, our partners feel that they deserve way more than what they're having now .. Is really sad to be apart and yeah first cut is always the deepest .. =D ..

I'm not trying to say that having a relationship at this age is wrong .. We know our needs and our limits cause that's very important .. Being in a relationship has the pros and cons .. Enough said .. =D .. I would like to wish good luck to those out there having a relationship and to those looking for one .. =D .. All the best and hope you all can go through the future undertakings .. =) ..

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