Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hmm .. There are 3 assignments awaiting me for me to finish them .. And is all due next week .. Basically I haven't really touch them yet, and I still can sit down and relax and wait for the time to pass .. Haha ..

Seriously, duno what is in my mind .. Pfft .. >< .. Guess I really need some time to cool down myself, cause there are just some things running around .. Need to clear them a.s.a.p and get down to finish my assignments ..

When was the last time that I really sit down and study ?? Thats the question that my parents kept asking me .. Basically I did not really study for the pass 2 months .. Haha .. And yeah finals are in a month's time .. Well, every1 says still got 1 month left, chill and relax 1st .. Haha .. That's true, but I doubt we have enough time to study .. But one thing this sem I don't really know what to study ..

1st and foremost - accounts, (practice practice and practice) ntg to study, business communication(basically is just english + some communication knowledge and how to write emails,memos, and letters) ntg to study as well, maths, again ntg to study .. lol .. english .. ntg to study as well .. moral studies .. duno what to study .. Lol ..

Always have complications in my mind, I wonder why ?? =/

Till then .. =)