Friday, April 2, 2010

Wow .. =D

It's April already if you all notice and again time flies .. =) .. Seriously it's that fast .. I guess I've wasted so much time doing the things I'm not suppose to do .. Lol .. I've got a month and a week left till my finals and I'm still here still procrastinating .. =D .. So many things that I said I wanted to do is not done yet .. So much of being a procrastinator .. =) ..

I really really hope I can do what I need to do this month .. *Fingers crossed* .. Seriously, I just have to promise myself to do the things I need to do .. I guess I have to really work hard for it thou and I believe nothing comes easy .. =D .. Hope I have the strength to do these things cause there's like so many things I need to do and if I don't do them I will be at the losing side ..

I will be heading to Genting tomorrow to work .. It's only a day's work and will be back on Sunday .. It's more like killing two birds with one stone thou, get to work and have a short trip up to Genting .. It's been awhile since I last went up .. If I'm not mistaken the last time I went up to Genting with my college mate when it was 2008 .. =) ..

So I'm going to bed soon .. I guess it's going to be a tough day ahead tomorrow .. Need a good rest and let it all out tomorrow .. Signing out now .. Till then next post .. =) ..