Monday, March 24, 2008

Back To School

Today went to school with KL , CK n VS .. We went there to get out garudamas .. Tis year's garudamas suck to the max cause most of the pages are black and white .. The worst thing is we got conned thanks to Haris cause our class page is so stupid .. I bet u guys will understand when u see it for yourself !!!! Haha .. Than met Kiang n Joe Keen there .. We waited damn long till we get our garudamas .. After tat went for lunch in Melaka Street ..

School nowdays sucks with the new teachers and nerdy looks of the form 1 .. Today I saw quite a number of new teachers , their face look so noob , in my opinion they can't really teach and they are like the teachers that have taught me throughout my form 4 n form 5 years .. Not all the teachers .. I think u guys know who am I mentioning !!! Haha .. The sports for the skool will be gone I guess , can't bare 2 see the sports going down the hill after so many years St.John is on top of the world ... Haih , I bet the school is going down very very soon inspite of its nice name !!!

After visiting the school , we went to low yat to get some stuff .. Than we went to Vin Son's house to chill out ..

Finally found tis song .. Been looking for tis song tittle for years !!! Haha

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